Walking Football

Seen the Barclays advert? Well in Buxton we have our own Walking Football sessions now in its 2nd season.

  • Walking Football
  • Walking Football

40/50/60/70 years old? Injured ? Out of shape ? Come and join our Walking Football session and try the fastest growing sport in the UK. Its the beautiful game without the running.

Walking Football is one of the latest crazes in the football world. It is an activity that gives those that have given up the chance to get back into the sport they love.

As you’ve guessed Walking Football involves a lot of… well… walking. It carries all the same rules as every day football except you can’t pick up too much speed. It provides a sociable, fun and safe environment for those looking to be a little more active in their spare time.

Chris Hill Community Sports have a successful sessions already up and running (or should we say walking) that are open to everyone. Every Tuesday at Thomas Mores Sports Hall.

For more information please get in touch.