• Why Choose CHCS?
  • Why Choose CHCS?
  • Why Choose CHCS?
  • Why Choose CHCS?

Supporting Primary Schools by Delivering Quality PE Lessons

With the governments school sports premium funding and Olympic legacy initiatives for Primary School PE, Chris Hill Community Sports (CHCS) supports primary schools by delivering quality PE lessons as part of your school curriculum.

We also work to provide sustainability in PE for your school, once the funding ends. Important Continuous Professional Development. As well as top standard extracurricular clubs.

It’s not easy to balance PPA with the demands of a busy school day. With so many experts concerned about our children’s health, a break in the teachers schedule provides a perfect opportunity for PE, sport and dance.

For most schools, the problem is outstanding provision. So CHCS has developed a gold standard PPA service, where pupils can enjoy curriculum-based activities under the watchful eye of our fully qualified sports coaches and/or teachers.

It’s a system that benefits everyone – especially the children:

  • They relate to fresh faces in their school – passionate, energetic role models promoting the virtues of a healthy lifestyle and sports specific skills.
  • They discover new opportunities for fun and fitness – from traditional sports to fresh activities developed by our team of coaches.
  • They enjoy a newfound confidence and vitality, while developing teamwork and leadership skills for later life and elsewhere in school life.

Our flexible ‘Coaches in schools’ package is designed to keep your pupils active while meeting the changing demands of today’s Primary Schools all in line with the new national curriculum from September 2014, and the recent assessment without levels. We can tailor sessions to suit time and space available. And with your schools budget in mind, we can supply our fully qualified, DBS checked sports coaches at an affordable price.

CHCS are not only there to provide PE and sport sessions, but also be part of your school and work along side your school staff to provide sustainability in your PE curriculum.

Why Choose CHCS?

This is a very exciting year for schools sport and us here at CHCS. The 2014/15 academic year saw us provide PE, Gym and Dance in more schools than ever. Along the way we were made to feel part of the schools family, working closely to achieve outstanding PE. We here at CHCS understand how difficult it can be to find time to plan and execute outstanding PE lessons and extra curricular activities in line with Ofsted guidelines.

Our ‘coaches in schools’ scheme can help you along the way. Working alongside your school staff we can provide both in school and extra curricular opportunities to suit your schools needs.

Chris Hill, Head of School and Community Activity